Monthly Archives: September 2009

BFA @ Northwest Throwbacks


So first and formost if you dont know you need to, Northwest Classics is where its at. Retro jerseys like crazy, I just got the Caral Malone the others day, and they allways have the fresh Life of Villains stuff (witch we are both wearing so proudly in the photo) but yah bottom line North West Classics is one of my new favoret spots. Witch made it that much more dope that we got to rock a show there Friday. Along with my guy Fluent and some othere dope acts the night was pretty Pachowie.



Like many people in this world BFA has role models, or people we look up to, strive to be,  or simply appreciate their creative genius. Also many people have wondered where we got the name “Beeba Vision” for our summer anthem song of “Roots. Seeds. Sems.” Well we would like to introduce you to Beeba. A man we respect solely because he is who he is…a full embodiment of our life motto, pachowie.

Peep Beeba’s blog -> Click Here