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we go till the mo goes no mo


Just some shit we did on the weekend…

This Saturday Is Major

…for two reasons
the first being that my boys from the Shankbone crew are gettin together to rock a show which we will be at as well. its a reunion so Im prolly gonna be in a tie something business casual?

Second being the fact that the homies at RPS are going to be getting their shipment of Infrared Air Max 90’s which I will have to cop Saturday morning with cash I dont have…fuck it their fresh

See you saturday…I will be there in a tie and some air max 90s



just cause this shits hella funny…

Just a update

RPS FIFA Tournament final scores
Panama (me) 2
Team bitch boy (isaiah) 1

Tomorrow the boys from BFA will be competing against each other at RockPaperScissor in Fifa world cup tournament. Becuase I (goonstar) am writing this post I’d like to take this time to let everyone know I about to kick ass. Come out to the shop at 750 tomorrow if you wanna see me kick ass.