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Last night

MANNNN…Not gonna lie it got pretty emotional last night…we are looking at our last 10 days in Seattle before going off to college and rocking the show last night knowing that was a little intense..but the room was full of love..even our moms were in the building for this one. So big thanks to every one that came out….yall made this last one real special…and special shoutouts to everyone that rocked it with us. Antbeezy aka I had one to many, my little sister that is made more mature than me JusMoni, the YoungGunz Kung Foo Grip, our big brother Young TH, the man with the sexiest hands I know (no homo) DJ Dirty Hands, this guy ikes big little cousin Rebel,my boy Kristian Skjäl Sanford and PRC, and of course the one and only Nic Beeba. Special thanks to the Hidmo..not to many venues in the world get excited about the idea of two “College Kids” throwing a party but they made it all happen. But yah on some real its been a good ass run the last year or so and last night was a dope ass way to cap it off…thanks to every one that came this guy Beeba said…its just the beginning

The Evolution of BFA

Goons 15th Birthday

My first Hot Box

Our graduation

The evolution of BFA has taken us to this point…our LAST SHOW IN THE TOWN. Isaiah and I are 10 days away form entering a new stage. On the 30th of August we will be packing up all our shit in to a honda civic and heading down to California to attend Whittier College. Though before this we would love to invite you to rock it with us one more time. Please come out and live love and laugh one more time. La Familia…ima miss this shit..

Sol-Dear Friends

Mannn Shot out to the Minors (photo above) and everyone else that came out and rocked it with us yesterday at the Minors/BFA BBQ. It was hot as fuck…but we rivaled the heat by chillin to some dope ass music and drinking way to much cheap beer. Not only was it a chill ass Saturday afternoon I also learned a valuable lesson…never drink a half a case of PBR and chase it with 4 hot dogs before getting on stage..I was sweating like a stripper in church…or like Bill O’Riley at a Yelawolf concert…plus it was our second to last show in the Town before we head off to Cali…its starting to get real emotional real quick

BFA’s Going Away Party

Though at times I thought this day would never come however it is upon us. Both Isaiah (Goonstar) and I (the king of Crunk) are looking at our last two weeks in this Wonderful city before we head off to College in Whittier California. Though it is an emotional time for both of us…(we are gonna miss this shit)…we still wanna live it all up so we take a great pleasure in inviting you all to rock with us one more time before we take off. Our last show before we blow this popsicle stand will be August 21st at the Hidmo…admission is $1…so yah no excuses…come enjoy some dope ass music…we will be rocking the stage along with not only supper dope artists but our brothers as well Antbeezy and Kung Foo Grip. So come out, say your goodbyes, and rock with us 1 more time.


If you wish to holla at a scholar about a dollar….get at m