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My boy Khingz just dropped a project not too long ago, got the chance to listen to it and it BUMPS. I suggest you BUMP as well….go do it right now

One Comment Away From New BFA

So if you happen to follow BFA on twitter or are friends with us on facebook you are well aware of the fact that we have been hyping up the release of our third EP entitled Two Weeks Vacation for a long time now. Tweets reading #Twoweeksvacationcomingsoon have been sited as early as March of last year…its safe to say all those coming soon tweets were less then the truth…but this time around we are serious when we say its coming soon. The release of this EP is right around the corner but yet its still not close enough so we decided to just give a track away to one special person on the net. Though we could just post the track on facebook, the fact remains that we go to Whittier College and there aint shit to do here and we want to do something to bring some sort of excitement into our 8 x 12 foot dorm room. So we decided we are going to give this track away to the first person that goes to this young mans facebook page and post a specific comment.

For those of you that dont know this young man is Nick Beeba…some of you may even recall his vision but he is the driving force behind BFA..and we would like to not only take this opportunity to give a fan a new unreleased track but we would also like to take this time to show beeba how much we appreciate him

so the first fan to go to his facebook page and post a comment that reads
“omg beeba you so fine you so fine you blow my mine oh beeba” will get contacted by us and emailed an exclusive track of our next ep

so go click the photo above to get to his Facebook show Beeba some love and get some free BFA

Hipster Guide

Something my boy Jordan Nicholson cooked up…for all those who havent walked around cap hill in awhile…this is whats in

Sol – Feed My Ego

The homie and one of my favorite local rappers, Sol dropped a single yesterday. Check it out support NW hip hop…naw fuck that support good hop hop!
download this joint at

Throwback of The Week

2008 Macklemore wanted a picture with us