Thank yous

On the Eve of the release of our third EP Two Weeks Vacation we are both very excited to drop some new music and very thankful for those that helped create it. So we wanted to take a min to thank all those involved.

First we gotta thank what has been the BFA family for the last two years.
Spike Anderson: The reason we first stepped into the studio and started rappin still was responsible for creative inspiration and insights on the Two weeks project.
Schuyler Karr and Morgan Backus make good music possible by making some dope ass beats they have made pretty much every instrumental we have ever had the pleasure of rapping over..with the exception of No Shirt which was produced by my boy Justo of the physics.
Zac Mcconnell: My big brother, he shot and edited the No Shirt video along with the Two weeks coming soon video..made um hella clean.
Jordan Nickelson: Did the album art on hella short notice..and did a incredible job.
Solzilla, JusMoni, Yusuke Sato, and Vitamin D all make appearances on the EP..they are fuckin dope ass artist and people and made this ep crack.
The Rock Paper Scissors family they hosted the BFA one year anniversary and have kept us fitted ever since.
NicK Beeba What can i say…this is his vision.
And last but by no means least the Members Only Crew.

recorded the project and made sure it sounded crisp as hell Pomzquarterbacked the whole thing and Members Only just made the whole damn thing crack…



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