Two Weeks Vacation EP Free download



please enjoy…Merry Christmas

6 responses to “Two Weeks Vacation EP Free download

  1. Septembre Russell

    MMMM! I can’t wait to unzip the file- it’s downloading RIIIIGHT now.
    new music=heartbeat
    ama y felicidad

    • Wow we are late on getting back to comments haha but we appreciate the excitement…hope unzipping the file as dope of experience as you expected..thanks for listening

  2. Love the new EP, keep up the good work homies

  3. yo this shit is tight! Lil Wayne is coming to my school (Indiana University) for our big bike race the Little 500 in april and I’d trade that wack shit for you guys any day!

    sort of sounds like a laid back PUTS type of vipe… definitely that summer day type of play.

    • haha wow thanks a lot man…means a lot..glad your feeling the vibe we are running with the idea that summer is a state of mind so while your freezing your ass of in Indiana in the middle of winter you can bump that two weeks vacation and get a little bit of that summer vibe
      thanks for listening homie

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