Fam: Gfunkology x GMK


My brother

Many people have asked who is responsible for the super clean shooting and editing in our videos…here over in the BFA camp we like to keep it all in the family so my big brother Zac does all our video stuff..he lives in seattle and is always down to work so if you are looking for video work in seattle be sure to check him out. He is friendly with his prices and nice with a camera…to peep his video work Click Here and hit him on his facebook Here …tell him BFA sent you


Chance #2 to catch BFA over the holidays

Next chance to catch BFA in the Town

ULTRA hot in Cali

If you dont know already BFA is all about Local streetwear. Go check out what my boy Maly Mam’s been working on with his brand ULTRA (peep me rocking ULTRA). Visit www.heyultra.com to peep the quality goods.

My boy Khingz just dropped a project not too long ago, got the chance to listen to it and it BUMPS. I suggest you BUMP as well….go do it right now